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Rafab Incorporated has a wide variety of gates for any setting including driveways, walkways and pool areas. We have a fence for every taste. Whatever fence style you choose, our gates will match that style.

With strength and durability in mind, all our gate panels include aluminum reinforcement around the whole perimeter and are fastened at each corner providing a strong, square application. Also, If a standard size gate opening will not work for your specific project, we offer customized gates when a rough opening is provided. Custom heights are available as well.

With our constantly evolving designs and the use of custom aluminum extrusions in all our gates, we are confident in saying that you will be opening one of the best-built gates in the industry. Please feel free to call us or reach out to our professional staff via CONTACT US. We want to earn your business.

See the Fabrication Process Below

Throughout the past two decades here at Rafab Inc. our vinyl gates have been constantly evolving.  After many revisions, we have decided to include custom aluminum reinforcement throughout the entire border of our gate. This makes for a heavy-duty vinyl gate that upholds its strength and durability when compared across the industry.

The 3” x 3” uprights contain a piece of custom designed J-metal that holds our pocket rail in place. All four corners of the gate are marked with our hinge pattern making for a quick and easy install in the field.

As we begin to assemble the gate, we run a thick bead of vinyl glue throughout each top and bottom rail, as well as the U-Channel. We also glue in between each individual picket. This method of gluing complements the aluminum reinforcement, making our vinyl gate one of the best in the industry.  This extra step prevents the gate from sagging, eliminating future call backs

Once the panels are glued in place, we use two bar clamps to hold the gate to the exact measurement specification. We then predrill the screw holes in each corner so that the screw has a perfect lane to bite into that metal-on-metal connection. This extra step prevents the metal inside the pocket rails from bending.

After the gate is assembled and complete, we make sure to thoroughly wipe it down for a nice clean finish.

At last, we box all our gates to guarantee a safe and secure transport.

Rafab Inc. goes above and beyond to assure that your vinyl gate is the best possible product.  As everyone knows, gates are always the number one call back. Our process of designing this gate didn’t happen overnight, but we assure you that this gate system will save you time and money in the long run.

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